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Cloudy Forecast for Solar Power?

May 11, 2021 SmartBrief Season 1 Episode 5
Renewable Energy SmartPod
Cloudy Forecast for Solar Power?
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There's a debate that’s percolating in the residential solar power market that, if it’s not resolved carefully, could end up hammering the renewables industry and the wallets of rooftop solar customers. The debate is about net energy metering. For those of you who don’t know what net energy metering is … don’t worry… Joseph Triepke from Lium Research joins us to explain what net energy metering is (3:38) and why you should care about it … even if you think the rooftop solar market has nothing to do with you (11:41).

This debate has created strange bedfellows (20:40) as it features competing factors surrounding the economics of residential solar, equity in energy (22:20) and the jobs, jobs, jobs that are supposed to keep powering the energy transition (20:06).

The "Renewable energy project or NOT a renewable energy project" quiz returns (34:40) and we also debut a new segment of the show called "The PodBrief" (37:05)

Background info on Net Energy Metering

Research note from Lium Research - March 23, 2021

News analysis from Canary Media - April 12, 2021

Resource page from California Public Utilities Commission

EDF Renewables
Energy innovation for the next generation

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What is Net Energy Metering
Homeowner economics of net energy metering
Why this debate matters nationwide
The 4 keys to proposed changes
The threat to the solar industry
How are the battle lines being drawn?
Equity in energy
So, what's gonna happen?
Rise of utility-scale solar
Other renewables trends Lium Research is watching
Will U.S. hit goal of 30GW of offshore wind by 2030?
Future of battery storage
Renewable energy project or NOT a renewable energy project
Introducing ... "The PodBrief"